Dana Elmendorf was born and raised in small town in Tennessee. She now lives in Southern California with her husband, two boys and two dogs. When she isn’t exercising, she can be found geeking out with Mother Nature. After four years of college and an assortment of jobs, she wrote a book. Author of SOUTH OF SUNSHINE, a contemporary YA.

MORE ABOUT ME...if you're extra interested.

I am a total BIRD NERD! I collect feathers I find on my runs. For fun I sort them by species and location of feather on the body. (Yes, I'm aware of the Migratory Bird Act of 1918. But I doubt the FBI will bust into my house and arrest me. Or so I hope not.) My favorite are birds of prey. (Don't ask me to pick just one.) Here's me, sorting my over 200 feathers (not all pictured.)

Not only am I a bird nerd, I'm a nature geek and wildlife lover. I LOVE being out in nature. Surrounded in the beauty of the outdoors, nothing makes me happier.  I can probably identify most animals and insects and tell you some small tidbit about them. Seriously, I dork out over nature.

Interior Design is my heart's passion. If I ever give up on this writing career, I'll open my own interior design business.  Here are some pictures of my home and cabin.

Graphic design is probably my second hobby/passion. (If you want to see some examples of my digital work click here.)  Just love working with typography style lettering. In my spare time, I make jewelry. Mostly work with gemstones. My jewelry has a boho, organic style. Again, sliced agate and geodes fit right into my love of nature.

Sunday puzzle day is my all time favorite relaxing activity. I do a 1000 piece puzzle in a day. Always with Guardians of the Galaxy 2 in the background.

Favorite shows/movies to watch: fantasy, sci-fi, period pieces, badass action flicks and serial killer documentaries. Just to name few: Star Wars (all of them except that 3 movie series that shall not be named), Star Trek (old and new), LOTR, all Marvel movies (Guardians favorite), Game of Thrones, Vikings, Twilight (yes I said it out loud, now hush), The Last of the Mohicans, Downton Abbey, John Wick, Ozarks, Stranger Things, Jack Ryan, and tons more.  My tastes are all over the place. (To see what I enjoy reading go to my "Goodreads Bookshelf" page.)


SOOKIE: My tiny dog Sookie. She's an Imperial Shih-Tzu. 4lbs. Sweetest little girl ever.

JASPER: He's our rescue dog. A King Charles & Maltese mix. He's a love bug but very protective of his family.