Dana Elmendorf was born and raised in small town in Tennessee. She now lives in southern California with her husband, two boys and two dogs. When she isn’t exercising, she can be found geeking out with Mother Nature. She went to college for four years but never got degree. After an assortment of jobs, she wrote a book. Author of SOUTH OF SUNSHINE, a contemporary YA.

My tiny dog Sookie. She's an Imperial Shih-Tzu. 4lbs. Sweetest little girl ever. (See, super tiny.)

I live life out loud.
I treasure the discoveries in nature.
I never say no to a dance.
I have a serious addiction to fitness.
I breathe indie music.
I crave salted dark chocolate almonds.
I dream of summer crushes.
I fear a dystopian future.
I am Dana Elmendorf.

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