Podcast Interview: New Books Fantasy and Adventure with A.E Lanier


🎙️Podcast Interview: New Books Fantasy and Adventure with A.E Lanier.

Loved getting to chat with A.E.! Thank you so much for inviting me on. To hear the podcast, click here!

Show Notes:
In this interview, Elmendorf describes the evolution of her novel from a romance to a murder mystery and the role that death and grief play in the story. She discusses Appalachian folk magic, abusive family structures, and shapeshifting crows. We also talk about poverty and rural healthcare systems, and the intermingling of the interpersonal and supernatural in contemporary fantasy.

Dana Elmendorf’s novel In The Hour of Crows (Mira Books, 2024) takes place in small town Appalachia and follows Weatherly Opal Wilder, a young woman with the ability to talk death out of the dying. Our story begins shortly after the death of her cousin, Adaire, as Weatherly struggles to find justice for her cousin and to navigate small town politics in a place where her family is treated with increasing distrust.

In the Hour of Crows is an empathetic, dream-like book and it was so much fun discussing it with the author.