Writer's Retreat

I'm so blessed to be apart of an amazing group of woman.  It's been a LONG time ago since we first met at SCBWI.  I couldn't have made it though my publishing journey without my girlies.  Thanks for another awesome retreat. XOXO

(Front: Amaris Glass, Rachel Searles, Jessica Love, Kathryn Rose. Back: me, Elizabeth Briggs)


Clan MacLeod Celebrates The Orphan Queen

It's a Clan MacLeod tradition to celebrate the book release of our agency siblings (authors represented by Lauren MacLeod.)  And today we wish a Happy Book Birthday to the amazingly talented

Jodi Meadows

The Orphan Queen!!!

It's the first book in her new fantasy series.  Go check it out here.

Per tradition, Clan MacLeod siblings have created a photo tribute to honor her special day. Be sure to wish Jodi Meadows a happy book birthday!

Holly Bodger author of 5 TO 1

Slushpuppy fur-child of our awesome agent Lauren MacLeod

Valerie Cole contemporary YA author



And me, Dana Elmendorf, author of SOUTH OF SUNSHINE
Yes that is my prom dress from 25 years ago.  Don't be fooled, it's NOT zipped up.

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Book Review: Start Me Up by Nicole Michaels

Finally this book is out in the world!  Guys, I loved this book so much. From the gorgeous cover to the richly written characters to the oh-so-charming town. (I have to move to this town for the delectable shops and the strong hot men.) From the very first page, Michaels gives you a sexy taste of the main love interest Mike Everett.  Who doesn’t love a strong confident man who can take his niece to a little girl’s birthday party?  He’s the perfect balance of man’s man with the tender love and protection for the women in his life.  And Anne Edmond is an incredibly talented woman (the one we are all copying her Pinterest ideas from) who’s perfectly organized life is about to come undone when Mike walks through her front door. 

The colorful cast of characters makes you rooting for the next person’s story in the series.  Michael’s writing is witty, clever and refreshing.  She knows how to write the sweet pull-at-your-heartstrings moments as well as how to rev up the sexy time to get your blood stirring. I cannot wait to find out what this author will be writing next.  No doubt her future books will be “buy with 1 click” for me.

If you get a chance, please wish my friend Nicole Micheals a happy Book Birthday!  So much deserved success, my OLBFF.  I wish I could be there today to celebrate it with you.  XOXO!!!

Now head on over to Amazon or your local indie bookstore and purchase a copy.  You don't want to miss this story.  Here's the book jacket cover:

Why do Do-It-Yourself...

Single mom Anne Edmond can handle—and hand-make—just about anything. From table settings to party favors, floral arrangements to nursery décor, there is no project her creativity and a glue gun can’t tackle. But dating? That’s a whole ’nother story. Case in point: Mike Everett. He’s a gorgeous mechanic and known car-whisperer, a man who can work with auto parts like nobody’s business. And he has thrown a monkey wrench into Anne’s carefully-crafted life...

When you can do it together?

One look at Anne is enough for Mike to know that she’s no fixer-upper. She’s perfect just the way she is—and the chemistry between them works like a charm. Mike’s always been a no-strings kind of guy, but Anne’s impressive self-reliance—and gorgeous exterior—gives him pause. This time, a fast joyride just doesn’t seem like enough. But first he has to convince Anne that he means to take her all the way...


Love Radio

Need some love tunes that will guarantee a make-out session with your sweetheart? Here's my top 14 Valentine's day love songs. You can't get your smooch on without Matthew Mayfield or Cary Brothers. Citizen Cope's sideways is about drunk in love as a man can get. When Paper Route promises "If there's a sonnet that makes you feel wanted, then, Sugar, I'm on it." how do you not swoon? And for those who are still holding on to the 90s, I have some Dashboard Confessional, Snow Patrol and Justin Nozuka.
Ima get me some sugar tomorrow!
Happy Valentine's Day!

*Spotify didn't have ALL my songs so I included two more in the SoundCloud playlist below.


Book Review: When Joss Met Matt

I don't usually read NA novels anymore unless a friend highly recommends one. A friend of mine got this on NetGalley and gushed over it so I had to hop on over to NetGalley and try to snag it. I'm so glad I did.

In the past, I've found NA tend to be packed full of issue ridden characters or the sex is immediate and predictable. But as the genre grows, more and more writers are creating stronger storylines with more heart. And I think that's exactly what Ellie Cahill has done here.

WHEN JOSS MET MATT is a love story that follows a non-linear timeline.  Jumping from the college years to a few years past.  Their love story starts out as a "friends with benefits" type but with a clever twist. Instead of the classic two people just looking for unattached sex, they lean on each other for "sorbet sex" a way to cleanse the palate after the last undesirable sex partner.

I really liked this book.  The romance was as sweet build, neither one of them quite seeing the tangled web this "sorbet sex" was getting them into.  The characters were well developed and genuine with light banter throughout.  The sex was so tastefully done but still remained hot and steamy.  Bravo to Cahill for achieving that.  I absolutely look forward to reading the next book Ellie Cahill writes.

My only complaint would be to the publisher about the cover.  The cover is very nice except the main character has strawberry blond curly hair and the girl on the cover does not.  It's very frustrating when publishers do this and I don't understand why they couldn't take the time to get it right.