The Beauty of Being Off Social Media

At the end of December last year I decided to take a social media break to finish working on a manuscript. The original plan, take off for the month of January. I kept the apps on my phone but just logged out of them. And then I logged out of all my accounts on all my browsers so if (which I know was really a matter of when) I picked up my phone to check it, the logged out accounts would be a gentle reminder that no, I wasn't doing social media.

I cannot tell you how many times the first few days I subconsciously picked up my phone to check Facebook or Instagram. It was like a natural instinct to reach for my phone at the most random of times. Usually while I was in the middle of writing, hence why I took a break. The first day was the worst of this habit, which I now realize is an addiction. We already know it's an addiction, but for some reason because there is always someone else who's on there more often than yourself,  you don't think you're addicted.

The next three days off social media I still checked my phone quite often. But by the end of the first week, the habit disappeared. Why? In all honesty I stopped caring, and I didn't feel like I was really missing out on anything. Not to mention my resolve to finish my manuscript before the end of January was pretty strong. I wasn't going to let someone posting their nine hundredth picture of their grandchild deter me.

Here's the thing, January ended, my manuscript had long been complete, and I had zero desire to go back to social media. I became so much more productive in life. I socialized with people I actually cared about. Found the time to pursue a new venture. Finally updated my website. Started working on a new book. And the list goes on. It's been pretty amazing!

So just this week I jumped back on social media. Three plus months I was on break. It's only been two days, and I've posted two or three things. Then last night I noticed I was picking up my phone a bit more often to see if I had gotten any likes or comments. I'm disgusted with myself. You know when you're trying to eat healthy and then you cave and binge on junk food and sweets. Afterwards you feel disappointed in yourself you broke your diet. That's what if feels like getting back on social media. I don't really want to go back. And why do I need it? Yeah, as an author I need to promote myself. And it's nice to be accessible to readers. But I don't want to go back to that lifestyle of feeling constantly obligated to check in. I'd rather live life organically.

So I logged out of all my accounts again and decided that while I may post a pic or two from time to time, social media will be an every once in a while kind of thing. Not my daily life. So if you ever want to get in contact with me, feel free to email me. 💖