5th Annual Scribbler's Fork

It was five years ago that I started Scribbler's Fork.  There's a little bit of story behind why I started the dinner. I saw all these established authors hanging out together, mingling at parties, going on retreats, and I was envious.  I thought, why can't I be invited to things like that?  Why can't I have a group of writer friends like that to do stuff with?  Around that time there was a mini internet "scandal" (for the lack of a better word) about this supposed "YA Mafia."  And to some degree, there were certain cliques within the YA community.  And rightly so.  They weren't intentionally excluding people.  They were just a group of writer's in similar paths that were drawn to each other naturally.  I could either  sit around and pout about not being apart of the group, or I could  create my own YA Mafia.  That's exactly what I did. 

And here they are.  Not all of them are here but they are my mafianot that I'm the King Pin, but this is my group (that continues to grow), who have been a part of my publishing journey.  So every year I have a dinner at my house to honor and celebrate their friendship.  
Front Row L to R: Kathryn Rose, Tameka Young, Elle Jauffret, Gretchen Schreiber, 
Amaris Glass, and Cindy Pon.
Back Row L to R: Jessica Love, Elizabeth Briggs, Marie Jones, Andrew Chilton, 
LK Garner Griffe, Audrey Coulthurst, Ara Burkland, Jessica Cluess, 
Janelle Alexander, and Dana Elmendorf
Some of the raffle prizes and swag I give away. 

And all these fabulous people came...
 Audrey Coulthurst, Kathryn Rose, Dana Elmendorf, and Elizabeth Briggs
 LK Garner Griffe and Marie Jones
Janelle Alexander and Gretchen Schreiber
 Ara Burklund and Elle Jauffret
Elizabeth Briggs, Cindy Pon, Janelle Alexander, Jessica Cluess, and Gretchen Schreiber
 Andrew Chilton, Dana Elmendorf, Kathryn Rose, Jessica Love, Elizabeth Briggs, and Tameka Young. 
 Amaris Glass and Cindy Pon

And here's where I had everyone on the edge of their seats,
when I read an excerpt from Aaron Hartzler's What We Saw.

Thanks to everyone for coming out.  I can't wait to do it all again next year. XOXO