Swamp People - Where My Agency Siblings Go Swamp

Happy Book Birthday to our agency brother 
Robert Lettrick for his book release of THE MURK!!!

In the Okefenokee Swamp grows a rare and beautiful flower with a power unlike any other. Many have tried to claim it-no one has come out alive. But fourteen-year-old Piper Canfield is desperate, and this flower may be her only chance to keep a promise she made a long time ago.
Accompanied by her little brother, Creeper, her friend Tad, and two local guides, Piper embarks on the quest of a lifetime. But there's a deadly predator lurking unseen in the black water, one nearly as old as the Oke itself. Some say it's a monster. Others say an evil spirit. The truth is far more terrifying.
Piper's task is simple: find the flower . . . or die trying.

Per tradition, the agency siblings go all out with a photo tribute to celebrate Robert's book release. This time it's hosted by our agency sister Holly Bodger. She's gone all out to write a hilarious tribute. (Setting the bar kind of high aren't you there, Holly?) Go over to her blog and get a giggle as the entire Clan MacLeod shows how we do swamp. Don't forget to tell Robert congratulations.

Here is my photo tribute:

*Dana's actual legs, not a leg-actor, were used in the taking of this  photo. Actual sunbathing in swamps is not recommended. 'Gator suntan oil is not a real product...I don't think.