Book Review: When Joss Met Matt

I don't usually read NA novels anymore unless a friend highly recommends one. A friend of mine got this on NetGalley and gushed over it so I had to hop on over to NetGalley and try to snag it. I'm so glad I did.

In the past, I've found NA tend to be packed full of issue ridden characters or the sex is immediate and predictable. But as the genre grows, more and more writers are creating stronger storylines with more heart. And I think that's exactly what Ellie Cahill has done here.

WHEN JOSS MET MATT is a love story that follows a non-linear timeline.  Jumping from the college years to a few years past.  Their love story starts out as a "friends with benefits" type but with a clever twist. Instead of the classic two people just looking for unattached sex, they lean on each other for "sorbet sex" a way to cleanse the palate after the last undesirable sex partner.

I really liked this book.  The romance was as sweet build, neither one of them quite seeing the tangled web this "sorbet sex" was getting them into.  The characters were well developed and genuine with light banter throughout.  The sex was so tastefully done but still remained hot and steamy.  Bravo to Cahill for achieving that.  I absolutely look forward to reading the next book Ellie Cahill writes.

My only complaint would be to the publisher about the cover.  The cover is very nice except the main character has strawberry blond curly hair and the girl on the cover does not.  It's very frustrating when publishers do this and I don't understand why they couldn't take the time to get it right.