I’m over the moon excited to announce, I’VE SOLD MY BOOK!!!! SOUTH OF SUNSHINE, a YA contemporary romance (LGBT) has found a home with Wendy McClure with Albert Whitman and Company.

Here’s the Publisher’s Marketplace Announcement:

I’ve waited so long to write this post, and I can’t even write it without bawling like a big fat baby. (For those who know me, that’s no big surprise.) Guys, I’ve been sitting on this news since December 12th! I’ve been bursting to share it with you. I just can’t believe something I created will be out in the world for everyone to see. Then I’ll be able to hold it and hug it and squeeze it and snuggle with it when I sleep at night. (Oh yeah, you know that’s going down.)

My agent, Lauren MacLeod, is absolutely amazing. (Thank you so much, Lauren! ♥♥♥) I’m so grateful she believed in my book and did not give up on it. And now an editor and publisher believes in my story, and it’s the best feeling in the world.

The most awesomest part...I'll get to be sweet 16 twice in my life. #sweet16

And come March 2016, I'll finally get to join my girlies on the bookshelf.