Fancy New Face

So how do you like it? After selling my book I decided my website needed a facelift. I was going for a Free People kind of look. I designed my own logo using the amazing graphic design program Adobe Illustrator. There was a huge learning curve from PC's Paintbrush to Holy-Crap-This-Shiz-Is-Pro program but wow, it was worth it.  The graphics are TEN MILLION times more amazing through this program and I'm only an amateur. I can only imagine what I'll be able to do in a couple of years with this program. Found some free social media icon buttons in watercolor too. They didn't have a Goodreads button so I had to create one.  I also updated and added new pages (now that I'm a fancy author.)

On my "about me" page I added some personal photos. Other than my bio and this "dotting the i" section I do about myself (which is umpteen thousand years old) I don't know what should be on my about me page.  Any suggestions? If you know some clever ways to talk about yourself I'm all ears.

I also added a "books" page! I'm still in disbelief that I've sold my book. As the year moves on with editorial letters and cover designs and ARCs I'm sure this disbelief will continue.  Don't forget to add my book to your Goodreads list.


In all my facelifting, I created an author Facebook page.  Right now it's just my face plastered next to a banner announcing my book.  I'm sure as I have cover reveals, contests, book launches, signings, etc. I'll post those things.  What else do you post on your author page?  Just book news? Do you post your blog posts? Any personal info?

What else should I add to my website now that I'm all Fancy McAuthor Fancypants? (My official new title, btw.)  Thanks for stopping by to check out the new threads.  All in all, I'm kind of loving my new look.