Retreat Biz & Marshmallow Love Giveaway

This last weekend I got a mini-retreat with my girlies. Woot! Woot!

Me, Kathryn Rose, Liz Briggs, Amaris Glass, Rachel Searles, Keiko Sanders, & Jessica Love.
As per usual, it was filled with cheese, wine, gossip and writing. (Though this weekend was less writing more catching up.) I'm crazy about my writing group. They're funny, supportive and some of the biggest book nerds I know. (Oh yeah.) I have a Martha Stewart gene or something, because I always have goodies for my girls. This time it was two fold: retreat goodies and marshmallow love. (All you Veronica Mars Fans know exactly what I'm talking about.)

Because who doesn't need another bookmark?

For the record, this is not a southern saying but it's so me to say something like this.
 Thanks to Jessica Love and Amaris Glass, I became a Marshmallow.
Marshmallow Love!!!!
What a great weekend.  Not only that, there are several more awesome trips for our little bunch lined up throughout the year.

To celebrate the Veronica Mars movie and all things Team Logan, I'm going to giveaway this mini Marshmallow Fan Kit.  The pack I'm sending you includes: Veronica MARShmallows, Logan Button Love, Movie Soundtrack CD burned by Mac, and a Pompoms Bookmark from Wallace.

You don't have to follow my blog or follow me on Twitter, but that would be swell if you did.  But you do have to say "I'm a Marshmallow" in the comments below if you would like to receive the Veronica Mars Fan kit.  The way I'm going to select the winner is very scientific and complicated. (Have my 8yo pull your name out of a hat.) I'll announce a winner on Friday.  I'm pretty sure there will be like hardly no one who will want this so you'll have a pretty good chance of winning. :D

Good luck, Marshmallows!