Music Downloads - "Prosthetic Love" by Typhoon

"Prostheic Love"
by Typhoon
Veronica Mars Movie Soundtrack
release date: March 2014
single release date: August 20, 2013

Now usually I save music downloads for Sundays but it was a busy weekend. And of course this marshmallow had to buy the Veronica Mars movie soundtrack. I didn't just blindly buy it, I'm a picky girl with my music. Despite my undying love for all things Veronica, I had to preview the album before committing.

Guys, I love it.  I can't tell you how many songs I love on the album.  Well, actually I can.  See here my complicated multiple heart, star, smiley face rating system.

Top runners on the list "Go Captain and Pinlighter" and "Holding My Breath." But only one can be champion. As you can see, Typhoon got the most hearts so I'm featuring "Prothetic Love" for my music download.

There's a slow swagger limp to the beat of this song, and some seriously poetic lyrics.  In search for some interview where the band talks about the meaning of the song, I came across a blogger who said this "...songs that elicit emotional responses tend to be much more profound..."  This is so well said, and I couldn't agree more.

Lyrics "Prothetic Love" by Typhoon

My folks they left the TV on
I was falling in love years before I ever met someone
Like a prayer you don't expect an answer
Though you ask for one

And sure my love would come along
Like some little bird and only I would recognize its' home
Like the actors I see on the television
With the stage lights on

What I found was a gamble
You threw yourself in with me
Made a cross and you lit a candle

But we were only strangers calling in a dark room
Rejecting stars or cozy lives on the wall
In the dark I thought I saw you
Or was it nothing at all

Everyone I ever knew
I'm giving it all to you
I'm asking everything in return
And I have nothing left to lose
I'll get it back through you
And take your offer

This time I wake I'm still alive
Now in my expiration date imagine my surprise
Some backwards take on the book of Job
His life was a wager and mine's a joke
Give him what he wants, he will never know
He's tired of trying to let himself go

With everyone I ever knew
I've gotten used to you
I've grown attached to you being here
With everyone I ever knew
I've learned to count on you
As not on fingers

With everyone I ever knew
I've gotten close to you
I've grown attached to you being here
With everyone I ever knew
I've learned to count on you
As not on fingers