Life Happens, A Lot

Life happens a lot example number one: it's 4am, and I'm on the computer writing an overdue blog post.  Why in the hell are you up at 4am you ask? I'm so glad you asked. Well, that's what happens when your 8yo climbs in your bed at 3:07 am--for the second night in a row--because of the Zombies and then you can't go back to sleep. And for the record, NO, I do not let my 8yo watch or play zombie games. I'm sure about 3 o'clock today I'll be wishing I wouldn't have written this post before the crack of dawn but what can you do.

So back on the topic of this life happening a lot stuff.  Example number two: 13yo decides he no longer does homework.

Yeah, I'm gonna let that sink in a bit.

OHMYGOD, people!!!! WTF is wrong with him? Let me explain something to you about the private school my son goes to, if you don't turn in your homework on time you get a ZERO.  No turn it in the next day for half credit either. ZEEE-RO! (I'm totally fine with that policy btw.)  The real frustrating part for me is the utter LAZINESS behind his decision.  You see 13yo doesn't ever study and makes straight A's on his tests.  Punk.  So homework only pulls his grade down to a C, still passing.


Well I could go on for pages and pages about the beating my 13yo almost got, but instead I'd like to say 13yo has lost his phone and all video games for a month. 13yo has completed all missed assignments, even though he still gets a zero. 13yo has special homework time with mommy every day.  AND the best part, when said 13yo slammed his door in our face (hubby and me) because he didn't agree with his punishments, his southern momma didn't yell. She didn't ground him further.  Why no, she went downstairs to the garage, got a flathead screwdriver and hammer and happily removed the damn door to his room.  TAKE THAT 13YO!

Life happens a lot example number 975: [insert everything else here]. 

You see my number one job is being a mother/wife. (That's a dual position btw.) A lot of times that interferes with my writing. (Funny thing, interferes is not spelled enterfears, go figure.) Most of the time I'm okay with life happening a lot. But lately, I feel the proverbial clock of summer ticking, reminding me that come June-August writing is near impossible (because Mr. Zombie Pants and NoDoHomework Dude are home for summer.)  So what's your plan to get a handle on life happening a lot?  I'm so glad you asked.  The plan: get stingy.

No more life happening stuff spilling over into my writing time.  If life happens on a designated writing day, well tough titty.  It's going to have to sit there and fester until writing time is over.  And I need to get back to writing every day. Just a little something.  Whether it's a blog post, notes for the manuscript, or hey, writing the manuscript itself, a little something everyday keeps your writer brain in writer mode.  And barring no more zombie attacks or teenage protests, I might be successful. Wish me luck.