Book Review: "CLOSER" by A. Ward Golle

Hey, guys. To keep myself on track with reading 30 books a year, I'm trying to do more book reviews. Today I'm featuring CLOSER by A. Ward Golle. Here's the book jacket blurb:
Gay, gorgeous, half-Puerto Rican Victor Torres just needs to make it through one more year before he can leave the small, Southern California mountain town he grew up in, but that's the least of his problems--he's in love with a guy he can't have, his best friend has mysteriously disappeared to a religious "rehab" for gay kids, and the new girl in town, Elise Grambling, wants to be more than just friends. Trying to pass for straight to escape the bigoted scrutiny he's already experienced in Forest Valley Lake, Victor makes a move on Elise and winds up in the middle of a love triangle he never expected.

Guys, I loved this book! The characters, the scenery, the story line, it all pulls you in and keeps you going until the end because you HAVE to know how how it works out for Victor and his friends.  You know a book is good when you're finished and your brain starts writing the after story.

Victor is a quirky lovable character who's painful family life pulls at your heart strings. Golle does an amazing job at immersing you into the lower class elements of a rural mountain life. You quickly understand why Victor keeps the fact he's gay a secret, especially when his best friend Thor is shipped off to "gay rehab."  Between his fake-straight relationship with Elise, his near miss romance with a hottie and ever growing mystery of how in the world his best friend is surviving "gay rehab" you won't put this book down.  In the world of ebooks, this is truly a diamond in the rough.