My Veronica Mars Grief

Remember in high school when the love of your life broke up with you, and you woke up the morning after with the grieving loss of what's no more?  Yeah, it's kind of like that. There's a big empty space inside of me that can only be filled with more seasons.  I have sads. Hold me.

At first I thought I should thank Jessica Love and Amaris Glass for nudging me to watch Veronica Mars.  But I'm so sad it's over, I want to blame them for the break up. The true thanks should go to the fans for the kickstarter campaign that raised the funds for the movie, otherwise Jess and Amaris would have never nudged me.  

Despite my desperate need to talk about the show itself, I won't because...spoilers. But I will tell you, if you love YA books, Buffy, 90210, The OC--or anything along that vein--YOU WILL LOVE VERONICA MARS! The show is as addictive as crack! The chemistry between the cast is amazing.  The story even better.  I have so many feels about this show, I can barely contain myself.  The only consolation to my grief, the knowledge of the coming movie.  And I can't wait for my girlies to come down the weekend it releases!!! We can have big long chats about the show and watch the movie, then more talking of the movie, and character and plot analyzing.  The even cooler part, is when I was stalking youtube for more Veronica Mars news, Rob Thomas (the creator/writer) announced his plans to release an adult book series to pick up where the movie leaves off.  So despite CW's premature and completely idiotic choice to cancel the show, Veronica Mars will live on.