Love Is Louder

There's only one thing I love more than writing books for teens, it's supporting them. Last night @HarlequinTeen retweeted a photo of three people holding their hand out with "Love is Louder" written on their palm. (It's not my picture so I can't show it but go here to see it.) It was a thing of beauty and the power of the phrase drew me in.  I dug through a couple of tweets to find out what this "Love is Louder" campaign was all about. Here is what @LoveIsLouder's twitter bio says:
We're a movement of people here to say that love is louder than any voice that causes us pain or brings us down.
How can you not support something with such a positive message?  Apparently I live under a rock because this campaign is huge, with celebrity endorsements and all. Well this week is happens to be Bully Awareness Week.  And what better way to support teens than let them know that Love is Louder than the voice that tears you down.