Social Media: To friend or Not to Friend

October 28, 2013

Who do you friend on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr and whatever else you can think of? For Twitter some people auto-follow back.  I do not.  Tumblr, well that's open to the universe so friending really isn't an option.  My biggest concerns are for Facebook and Instagram.  Where do you draw the line?

In my expanding world as a writer, I'm meeting more and more people.  Connecting with them beyond the face to face is key.  That's why I use Twitter.  Over the last few years, I've really gotten to know some of these writers intimately.  Heck, they've stayed at my house!  Those people I have friended on Facebook.  Some of those on Instagram.  But both of those accounts have private photos of my children. I don't feel comfortable friending every person I've ever met at a conference, no matter how safe/normal/non-psychotic they might seem.  It's not a personal offense to NOT friend them, I have my children to protect.

My target audience will be teens.  Most of the kids my 13yo is friends with don't use Facebook and think "it's for old people." (Direct quote from my son.)  Most of his friends live on Instagram. I'm sure eventually I will create an "author page" on Facebook but that's not the same as friending the person. I don't trust Facebook to only share certain information with certain people that I select to be in the "special" friend list. They change their privacy polices more often than underwear. Then what about Instagram?  Should I create separate accounts for both?  (I know writers who do that.)  It's easy to get bogged down trying to manage all the social medias. If I add more I'm afraid I'll quit.  I don't want to close a door to a marketing opportunity either. Is two separate accounts the only answer?

What do you do?  What's been your experience?  What do the authors you love/follow/friend do?

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  1. I have two Facebook accounts. My "family" FB and my "author" FB. I keep them separate because I have pics of my kids and their school and school friends, etc. on my "family" account. I don't want a casual FB friend/reader to know where my kids go to school and I'm sure my friends don't want their kids pics to be shown publicly on my "author" FB account. It's definitely a balancing act. I want to invite readers to share my world but not really know my kids....I hope that makes sense! ;)

    1. That's what I was afraid of, two accounts. I wonder if Facebook gets you that many more sales.

  2. I agree with Melissa. It's best to keep your personal and professional lives separate. There are tools now that allow you to automatically post to the "standard" platforms at once. You could use something like that for your author posts. I'm not doing that yet, but it's what I'll do when I finally land my agent. I've had two requests for full that didn't pan out, but I'm continuing to selectively query. Like you, I know the perfect agent for my story is just waiting for that query. :-)

    1. You're so close, Elizabeth! I queried widely at first and then got pickier as I researched heavier. And yes, your dream agent is waiting for you.

  3. I have a FB account, but I never go on there. FB and I just never clicked. It's never been my thing. The ONLY reason I keep it is for the birthday reminders, which they email every Sunday. (and I don't have ANY photos on there.
    I do love Twitter. I have to be in the mood for it, but I do love it. And I do share pictures on there every so often, but not with any location details or anything. I'm pretty careful about privacy. (hence my shoes avatar, as opposed to plastering my face all over the interwebz) But, I have met some wonderful people on Twitter, people I have met in real life, who have stayed in my home, etc. So, I will always adore Twitter.
    (I love pinterest too, but that's not really 'social')
    That's about it. I don't have an Instagram acct., but my 17 y.o. daughter and her friends do. (they're starting to get into Twitter now too)

    Have a marvelous week, Dana! <3

    1. Twitter is the best! I'm really questioning if FB is necessary for sales. I think an "author page" will give the reader the connection they want. Or I hope.

  4. I have separate private and author FB pages. I do friend other authors on my personal page if we're in the friend zone. I keep Instagram just for family and friends that are like family. My kids (in their early 20's) are very Instagramy. I've used Twitter often to "get a feel for" agents or editors that I may submit to. I think I'm rambling.


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