Music Downloads: "In the Hearts of Men" by First Aid Kit

October 19, 2013

"In the Hearts of Men"
by First Aid Kit
Release date: January 24, 2012

This is probably the fifth song I've heard on the television series "Bones" that I've downloaded.  It was released in 2012 so I don't get bragging rights for finding a song before it makes its mark in the world.  But I do get the thrill of saying they're from Sweden! I know that's very un-American of me because I should be supporting music with the "Made in America" stamp on the label.  For some reason, I get all giddy inside when I find good music from other countries.

This song has a pronounce acoustic strumming, mellow tone and mysterious lyrics. Three things I love in music. What I think it's saying is, no matter what we are taught or show, do what you're going to do, be who your going to be and don't it with a smile, no regrets.


Lyrics "In the Heart of Men" by First Aid Kit 

In the hearts of men
In the arms of mothers
In the parts we play to convince others
We know what we're doing
We're doing it right

May have written books on the subject
But then you may still be surprised
By your tone over the phone
To your sister while waiting in line
At the shopping mall just outside a town

In the hands of teachers
In the books you read
The things you say when we lost the lead
I still try to speak up but my voice won't make a sound
And I thought it all over too many times

But when there is no use
And the lights are all out
I just give it up and I walk home
Past the shopping mall
That's just closing down

Will you tell yourself,
You all must be what you'll be
Who's to say who is who and what is what
If you simply don't agree

Now, time will come to claim you
And it will have its way
Don't make no mistakes and don't regret
Don't waste the time that is left
And then do it all with a goddamn smile

In the hearts of men
In the arms of mothers
In the parts we play to convince others

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