Week Highlights: Banned books, Threatening Book Reviews and Dinosaur Tips

This past week was Banned Book Week.  Time slipped by and I never got around to writing a blog post about my thoughts on banned books. (And how when a parent bans a book, they pretty much are telling every teenager in a 50 mile radius what to read.) But fortunately for me, I don't need to tell you my thoughts because Anne Riley expressed hers so eloquently. She begins with instead of name calling the individuals who ban books, she discusses how her and her husband will handle controversial books in their household.  It's a pretty simple plan.  

Remember a few weeks ago I talked about this book?  I forwarded on the title to Lee Wind, who ended up blogging about a letter to the author from a "Concerned Grandparent" who threatened to BUY the book and burn it. The author Nick Bruel has a great response. An answer I may very well use myself one day if when my LGBTQ book is published. (Side note: Does anyone else see the irony of the Concerned Grandparent's action involves buying the book? Thank you, Concerned Grandparent, for supporting the author. :)

Goodreads Readdresses Their Review Policies

There are a few shocking pieces to this "note" that have me wondering about the psychos that are on Goodreads.  For example "2. Members are not permitted to harass or threaten other people."
I'm trying to count the oh so many times I threatened people on goodreads. I've racked up a pretty hefty number of...ZERO!  Who does this?  I know, I know...the crazies. The other disturbing piece is: "**Delete content focused on author behavior." So apparently people are bashing authors in book reviews for their behavior.  I cannot even imagine what people are saying personally about authors they barely know.  Though I do remember a dear writer friend told me what a very famous writer said one time that was rude to her fans so I can see where one would want the world to know that. 

How Do Dinosaurs Punctuate? (Or, Is It One Space Between Sentences or Two?)
As a Dinosaur, I still put two spaces between my sentences instead of one. Then I have to go back and delete them out with "search and find." What a pain. To admit you do this is dating yourself.  It goes back to the days of learning how to type on a typewriter.  Typewriter font was so block, a double space at the end of the sentence was needed to delineate between the sentences. As technology advanced, computers where able to create more proportional spacing, thus causing literature on the written word like "The Chicago Manual of Style" to update their guidelines.  Read more here too.