Week Highlights: Agent Interviews, Tough Love and Coconut Oil

Query. Sign. Submit.
Dee Romito does great writer & agent interviews on her blog I Write for Apples.  From query to signing a client to submitting to editors you get to see the full picture of how this particular agent handles things.  This week was a great interview with Jessica Sinsheimer.  Jessica gives an excellent example of how to professional nudge an agent and when.  She also talks about personalizing your query to agent, saying, "if you know and cite anything specific about me at all, something that couldn’t be pasted into a letter to another agent, that puts you ahead of about 85 percent of the people in my inbox." Something I always try to do. Be sure to check out Dee's other interviews as well.

Can you handle the truth?
The contest is now closed BUT you can learn something from the brave few that entered. Suzy Townsend has a query contest where you submit to her and you get total honesty of why she's rejecting you OR she may like your story and request.  The simple blurb she offers could give a lot of writers some relief or it just might totally crush you.

25 Things You Should Know About YA Fiction
Honestly, when I started reading this I was gunned and ready to be on the defensive.  Chuck Wendig is known for his slap in the face opinions.  Though I don't agree with all his reasonings and some of them grated on my YA sensitive nerves, I think they are pretty fair assessment.

Coconut Oil Moisture Treatment
How is this book related?  It's not.  But it's teen related, sort of.  When I was a teen I tried every protein hair treatment and face mask I could find. Now in my forties, things haven't changed. I've been hearing about the amazing magic of coconut oil for cooking with, your skin and hair.  From my grocery store I bought the organic coconut oil from the cooking oil's section for $9.99.  It took several washings but wow, my hair is silky soft.  You're welcome.