The Evil Gays Are Out To Get Your Children! Bwhahahaha!

Yes the title is as ridiculous as it sounds but sadly, its the mentality of some people.  Let me take you on a journey of a little book.

During the summer SCBWI conference in Los Angeles this year, I had the privilege of attending yet another one of their LGBTQ meetings hosted by Lee Wind.  I have to interject here to say, whether you plan to write a book with an LBGTQ character in it or not, you should attend these meetings.  What an eye-opening experience it has been for me the past few years.  Not to mention how fabulous Lee Wind is as a host/moderator .  He's such a positive force in the world with nothing but love and gender/diversity education to spread around.  Love this guy.

Anyway, I'm sidetracking.  Lee has a website (I'm queer. I'm here. What the hell do I read?) that he posts lists of published children's books (from picture books to YA) with LGBTQ characters (side characters or main characters.)  A few months before I came across a picture book with two moms in it and couldn't remember the name to tell Lee at the meeting so I had to email him later. The interesting point to the story is how I discovered the book. (I swear, this long story does have an interesting point.)

Just before Christmas my 1st grade son's classroom had a Christmas book exchange. (We go to Christian private school, so we get to call it Christmas.)  Before the party, two moms were talking on the side (not two moms as in married to each other moms but two heterosexual moms.)

"So-and-so had picked out Xname Christmas book and had to return it because it talked about two moms in it."

The second mom gasped.

The first mom said, "I know, they should put like a warning label or something on it."

***FREEZE CONVERSATION*** At this point, my mouth decides to speak without consulting me.  This happens quite frequently, and it usually ends in no good.  Lest I remind you I said we go to a Christian private school, thus not everyone has the same opinion as me, I don't believe it's a sin to be gay.

I open my mouth and say with an almost laughable tone, "That's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard.  Unless the book has some Xrated material or foul language I don't see the problem." Oops.  

Both women look at me with stark surprise, then to each other.

I wanted to add that we might as well ask every gay person to go around in electric orange t-shirts with "Beware of the Gays" so we can be protected at all times.  Thankfully I got control of my mouth quick enough to add one last comment before I walked off. "I didn't realize it was a sin to love one another."

Story's not over.  Sorry, long winded today.  I couldn't remember the name of the book but I knew it had a black cat on it.  So I googled "black cat Christmas book gay moms" and came across this entry link: "Book Warning: A Bad Kitty Christmas."  As a proponent for banned books, I clicked the link to find this:

Here's the link:

"Gay activists are after your kids."  Is this guy serious?  Sadly I believe so. According to him, they even have a "tactic." And I love how he sets the scene with the incriminating evidence that its been "drawn by a Beatnik." Oh those damn Beatniks are gay supporters, you know it! (I also must google "Beatnik' art so I can see a pattern. *rolls eyes*)

I know I shouldn't be shocked with all the gay hate that's out there.  And for once, instead of reading gay slander and me getting angry, I laughed.  Some mentalities are so askew, it's not even worth your time to get angry about.

So I'd like to encourage all of you go go buy this book for Christmas, the hardcover is only $6.99 right now at Amazon. I hear it's filled with love.