I've been really trying to blog more consistently lately, have you guys noticed?  So I saw on my buddy Liz's blog the other day a "Currently" post.  I thought it was a sweet way to share a little about myself.  So here goes.

loving – My life right now.  I feel so blessed because I have an amazing life.  Great kids (well 90% great.) A happy husband with his fancy new job.  A beautiful home.  A sweet baby girl, Sookie.  I think the only thing to complete my life would be if I got an agent…hint hint.

(My favorite picture of my baby girl.)

reading – Lover at Last by JR Ward.  It’s a book I’ve been dying for since last year when she announced it was coming out.  Once I'm done with this, I need to get some really good YA to revive my reading hunger. 

watching – Well I WAS watching The Walking Dead.  Dude, that show is da bomb.  I love it.  But alas, it’s over until October.  And when did they start ending shows so early and returning so late?  Didn’t they have longer seasons when we were younger? I remember as a kid season premiers were in September and they only took a break for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years and ended in May.  Now it’s like these mini seasons from Oct-Dec, then Feb-April.  In the meantime, I watch The Haunted Collector.  That show is really cool and the evidence they catch is unbelievable.  As much as I love ghost shows, it’s a wonder I haven’t written a book about them yet. hmm.

thinking about – How I can get this writing career to take off.  What more can I do to get published?  How can I approach the next six months differently than the previous six months?  What other steps can I take or what can I actively be doing that can get me there?  These are the things I’m thinking about. I’m more than willing to do the hard work and see this thing through.  I’m ready.

anticipating - My writer’s retreat in May with my girlies!!!! I have such an amazing group of writer friends.  Girls I giggle with, dance with half bearded strangers, and solve all my writing problems with.  Our trip in May will not only be about writing but bonding.  XOXOs to you girls!

wishing  - My family lived closer.  My entire family is in Tennessee.  My parents are getting older and my step father has been in the hospital for over a week and I know my mom could really use my help, especially when he comes home.  I wish my boys could spend the weekend at Grammy’s.  I wish my boys could go fishing with their Opa.  I wish I could barbeque with my country ass cousins on the weekends.  But my life is here, and it’s wonderful, but I wish I could be closer.

making me happy – my home.  Slowly but surely I’ve been redecorating my home and each change I make, its becoming more and more like my style.  I got rid of the old heavy tapestry curtains the previous owner had in the kitchen and hung some beautiful new linen curtains.  I smile every time I walk into the kitchen now.  I can’t wait to get the curtains up in the bedroom, I’ll be grinning from ear to ear. Aren't they pretty?