Blog Link Lovin': Jumpstart, Tricks and Maze Runner

Here are a few links I found helpful this week:

12 Ways to Start Writing Again
Most of these you already know, but it's nice to be reminded of them. My favorite is #1, Forgive yourself.  So true.

Stupid Writer Tricks
I love how ridiculous some of these writer tricks are.  The best part of this article is the literary magazine references I added to my list of "to read" (online of course.)

The Maze Runner Movie Cast Info
And just for fun, for those of you who live under a rock (like I do), I had hoped this was getting made into a movie and now I'm happy that it is.

The Most Deranged Sorority Email You Ever Read
For one hilarious laugh, or for no other reason than to see an excellent example of how the f*** word can be used as a motivator, this email is off the charts crazy.  I'd like to say, she had me at "c**t punt."  Insane, y'all.