Fancy New Me!

Check me out, baby! I feel all fancy in my new blog digs.  You likey?  I needed a change.  And I needed a template that I could manipulate at will for when my mood for change strikes. Check one item off the 2013 writer's goals list. (Spank you very much!) I couldn't get rid of my title "a squirrel amongst lions" because I still feel like a squirrel, and it's kind of like my signature, you know?

Along with this fancy new face is going to be a fancy new organization. (Yeah, okay, I've used up my quota for fancy for the year.)  My OLBFF (before she got all famous with an agent ;) posted about getting organized with your blog.  She also included this fantastic link to spreadsheet for blogs.  You know how us writers love us some spreadsheet action. Mmm, hmm.  

Well, I think the key to posting on a regular basis is twofold.  One, write out a schedule.  Two, write out your blog posts ahead of time and schedule them to be posted.  "Day of" blogging usually comes off half-assed.  Like today! 

Anyway, I hope you like my new blog look.  And if you don't, be nice and lie to me.