Concrete Jungle Where Dreams Are Made Of

New York!  Here I come, baby!  I got my girlies with me too, watch out now!

Who's going to SCBWI NY?  Or if you know somebody who's going, give them a shout out!
So yeah, I've abused the exclamation point this morning but can you blame me?  It's NY we're talking about here, people!!!!!!

Last year was my first time in NY, and it was a grand experience.  I had a completed manuscript at the time that I was querying, but in hindsight the subject matter was well past the freshness date. (Angel Demon story, enough said.)  It was my experience in NY that caused me to write my current LGBT story. A story that I am very proud of. A story that still remains afloat in the query world.  A story I hope to swoon an agent with at the conference.

The NY conference is different than the LA conference.  LA conference is more casual and networking with writers and authors. NY is more professional and networking with agents and editors.  Don't get me wrong, you can do both types of networking at either but each seem to have their own vibe.

My goals at this conference...I'm not sure.  It's my goal this week to write a list of goals. (That sounds suspiciously like procrastinating.)  Research the editors, publishers, and agents on the lineup.  Target who I think would be the best fit.  Maybe introduce myself to several agents/editors and if the opportunity is right, pitch to them.  Most importantly, put myself out there.

Wish me luck!