Writer's Black Hole

Is anybody else getting anything done? Pertaining to writing that is?  I've ignored my blog, slacked on getting queries out, have barely read one book, and I haven't had two seconds to write on my new story.

The week or so before Halloween through New Years is a writer's black hole.  Nothing, I mean NOTHING can seem to get done writerly wise.  Maybe its because I have two kids so it's compounded, but I feel like my writing career is slipping through my hands like sand, and there's nothing I can do about it.  I even signed up for NaNo, hoping that would be the driving force to push me through.  Nope.

I have a plan, I've decided that its okay to let everything go by the wayside until January, then I'll be back on track.  I've started a "2013 Writers Goals" list (that I'll share here later) to help ease my discomfort about holding off on my writing responsibilities through the holidays.

I'm also heading up to Orange County area this weekend to have celebratory dinner with some of my writer friends.  A few of them have had some great news recently so us girls are getting together for that.  I look forward to catching up with my girls.

Until further notice, I will be sporadically blogging.  I look forward to catching up with you all in the new year.