NaNoWriMo Snobs

November 07, 2012

I’m very well aware that there are quite a few published authors, editors and even agents who frown upon NaNoWriMo. I actually understand why.  I’m sure a large percentage of NaNo books are not well written and are submitted before they’re ripe.  But that’s not NaNoWriMo’s fault. That’s immature eager writers who jump the gun’s fault. 

What I don’t get, is why do they have to be uppity about it?  Snobs even. On twitter I’ve actually seen published authors SLAM writers for it.  I’ve seen condescending, belittling comments on the subject of NaNo, and I think it’s careless behavior for an author, editor or agent to act in such a way.  I think there should be a mutual respect, especially to those who’ve not joined the ranks of “published.”

Not everyone wants to meander through ten years of self absorbed reflection to write a bland story where everyone starts out miserable, meets mediocrity in the middle and dies a lonely death at the end. YAWN!  Some of us just want to make out with the hot guys, and that’s not you apparently. 

I won’t sit here and bash your writing style, so lay off mine.  (Okay, maybe I bashed a little.) What works for one, doesn’t always work for others.  Get over yourself.  There’s a book for every flavor desired.  People are reading, and that’s the important thing.

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  1. Now tell us how you really feel! lol I agree with you. I don't participate in it, but I do believe that to slam writers who are encouraged to do something is an act of foolhardiness. You go girl! Hey, I said go! Write! lol

  2. Gah! Jeremy, was I that mean?!? Oh no, maybe I should go put up a "I'm sorry if I offended anyone" disclaimer. LOL. I hope I didn't come off too bitchy but people shouldn't try to piss me off so much. Lol. I really was pissed as much as I was disappointed at the classless behavior. You're in ONtario now? I was sure the last time you commented you were in Australia. (love me some Australian music btw.)

  3. Okay, not sure why my comment didn't go through the other day, but I'm totally surprised published authors are being snotty about NaNo. In past years, I've heard several of them say they're doing it to jump start their creative juices. Very odd trend...

  4. I sat in a session once where an agent said she deletes all her December queries to filter out NaNo clinkers. Note to self: Don't query in December.

  5. Ara - I've seen it a couple of times and it was for a few adult fiction authors so maybe that's why? no clue but it really disappointed me when i say those comments.

    Leslie - gasp! seriously? Well that stinks for the ranks of us who are legit writers with solid stories. I don't think I'd want to work an agent who made such blanket assumptions like that.

  6. I added you as a buddy! I'm Sunshine21

    It's a shame some people belittle NaNoWriMo participants. Not everyone does it in hopes of being published. Some people just like to write and want a good challenge! I think the NaNo bashers must be envious of the NaNoers talent for speed writing!!


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