What the %&@# does that mean?

In a completely unrelated to writing post, I plan on educating you on the art expressing yourself...with emoticons.  With twitter and texting, I find from time to time I'm toggling over to the internet to see what the heck a particular grouping of symbols means.  And let me say, it's not just teens typing these things but all ages.  When I have to look theses symbols up on the internet, I feel like that kid at the party, who's mom made them dress in a blouse and knickerbockers instead of cool t-shirt and jeans. (See Wednesday's post for reference.)

Because I'm to lazy to actually type all these out--and why should I? Somebody else has for me!  Here is a cheat sheet list:

But I'm here to inform you, they got a few wrong and they left off quite a few very important ones I use on a daily basis. For instance:

They said this  %-(  was "Confused,"actually that emoticon means "Bad Eye Surgery"

And this :-X isn't "Kiss On the Lips" but "Hannibal Lector Smile."

What they said was "Unibrow" up above is wrong. (I can't redo the symbol here without "garbly gook" appearing here.  Go figure.)  BUT this is "Unibrow" }:-)

They also said this :*) was "Drunk Smile."  It actually means "Idiot Is Smiling and Has No Idea He Has a Booger On His Cheek Smile"

This is a drunk smile ::))

Or what about:

"Bowler Hat Beard Guy" C):{>
"I've Got Balls The Size of Texas Handlebar Mustache Smile"  :-[    (and no, I didn't forget the right parenthesis for his mouth, guys with balls the size of Texas don't really smile.)

oh, Oh, OH! you can't forget the "I think I'm cool with my soul patch but it really looks like leftover pubic hair on  my face smile" :-)~

And my blog post would not be complete without "girlw1eye smile" .)
(For those who didn't know me back then, that was my user name when I started this blog.  I'm feel so grown up and official with my real name.)

Your turn.  What's your favorite emoticon?