Whacked Out Dreams!

October 23, 2012

Snakes!  Oh, man, were there snakes.  And I'm not talking about Indiana Jones stuff here.  I'm talking, hey, we're having a nice day at our book festival/barbecue/NY park thingy and everywhere I step, BAM, a snake.  Now mind you, my subconscious told me that NONE of the snakes were venomous and it was completely normal for them to be hanging out with humans on such a beautiful day.  I kept yelling at the kids at the park, "Stay away from that snake and don't play with them!  It won't bite you, but it's a boa constrictor and it will choke you to death."

It was the most stressful nightmare EVER!  So what's the first thing I do when I wake up, I look up "dream interpretations."  I was really kind of pleasantly surprised when I read the meaning of snake dreams.

There were quite a few debatable opinions on the matter, and of course dream interpretations is not an exact science, if it's even a science at all.  But anyway, two interpretations consistently kept popping up.  The first consistent interpretation was suggested by Freud.  (We all know what a slut he his.)  He suggests that it's a phallic symbol (I'm so shocked...not.) And that dreaming of snakes may indicate a repressed sexual energy that you're looking to release. Um, yeah....not even gonna comment on that one.

The second is that snakes represent wisdom and the dreamer must have been in some creative pursuit the day before.  Holy snakes!  The last couple of days I've been hot and heavy with my new manuscript outline.  It seems to consume my every thought.  Crazy how accurate that seemed for me.  I'm thinking there should be a college dedicated to getting you're worthless degree in stuff like, dream interpretation, horoscopes and becoming fluent in Klingon (oh, wait, that is an online college course already.)

Anyway, whether or not I believe in dream interpretations I do believe that our fears, joys and desires emerge in our subconscious as dreams, or in my snakes case, as nightmares.  And on some level we need to evaluate if there is something in our life we must change, adjust or be aware of.

Had whacked out dreams?  What do you think they meant?

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  1. Glad to hear you're working on a new outline! I'm digging into the edits you did for me tonight.

    Crazy dreams all around here, too, but mine aren't quite as deep. ; )

  2. Snakes freak me out in any way, shape, or dream. So cool to hear that you're so energized by your new project.

  3. I had a dream the other night about killing a mosquito. Apparently that means I'm going to overcome my obstacles and achieve my goals. I'll take that interpretation! I use dream moods.com/dreamdictionary. It seems to be the most normal and accurate for dream interpretation!


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