Voices in My Head

October 22, 2012

They start out as whisperings, soft tickles in my ears but nothing decipherable.  Then occasionally a voice speaks up.  I have to strain to listen, but I catch a word or two.  Along with that, they send me images.  Pictures of faces start to form, ideas evolve. 

And I’m patient. 

I’ve tried forcing the voices to talk but when I do, they go silent.  You have to let them tell you who they are, where they want to go and eventually, they’ll show you the path to get there.

A story has been marinating in my head for a while now.  And I couldn’t move forward because I didn’t quite have the story right.  The last few weeks, during the quiet moments, I’d let my mind ponder over the details.  Then yesterday, the voices broke through and told me their story.  And now they are speaking so fast and furious, I can barely jot down the notes fast enough. 

It’s like that for me. One minute I feel all hope is lost for any kind of story and then BOOM, it’s pouring out of me so fast I can barely contain it. My notes are a wild mess of scene ideas, settings and for any kind of story and then BOOM, it'City can make her kiss her in therandom conversations.  And eventually, they will be organized into something that may or may not resemble an outline.

What are the voices telling you?

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  1. Well, right now the voices are telling me, "Paddle faster, I hear banjos!"

    But seriously, my plot ideas come in fits and starts and never as a full-on flood of info. I'm pulling teeth over here.

  2. Lol! You kill me, Rachel. I have faith in you. You are the first of us to...represent. ;)

  3. The voices are constantly talking (more like arguing), it takes a lot to be able to organise all the ideas that floods through my head.

  4. Cheree - I thought the voices were arguing inside my head and I realized I was just arguing with myself. The voices were a little spooked. ;)


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