Amazing Weekend!

Saturday night was AMAZING!  I cannot express enough how much I love these women and how special I feel that most of them drove two hours down from LA to me in San Diego to come to my writer's dinner.  We had wine, fruitful conversations, wine, delicious eats and plenty of giggles...did I mention wine?

Here are the women who came:

(Left to right: LK Garner-Griffe, Gretchen Schreiber, Melissa Buel, Leslie Rose, Liz Briggs, Ara Burklund, Julie Musil, Amaris Glass, Janelle Alexander,  and Jessica Love.)

I gave away a CD of my favorite music (I'll share in a post later this week,)an anthology of "Journey's of Wonder" (provided by one of the authors, Leslie Rose,) little party favor bags, themed around YA characters.  Each bag had a nail polish, lip gloss, a Book Thongs I made, and a tin of word magnets:

Here are some more awesome pictures of the night:
"Party Girl" and "Delinquent"
"Artist," "The Fixer," and "Cheerleader" 
Seriously?!? Deer in Headlights is not a good look for me. :/

"Outcast" and (Julie?  What did she pick?)
"Bad Boy" and "Goodie Two Shoes"
What a great night!  I can't wait to see all of you girls again.  Much less to do this again next year.  Thanks for all who came.  I look forward to sharing this publishing journey with you.