While I'm Waiting

My baby is out in the world, waiting for greatness.  (You feel me, Greatness?  I'm coming for you.) To keep from going insane from the waiting, I'm giving myself chores. Home projects to be specific.  Yep, this is how I've been filling my time.  Fixing landscape lighting, installing chandeliers and ceiling fans, stripping furniture, organizing my screws, nails, small parts drawers and a 16 million other chores I keep myself busy with.  But what I'm NOT doing is writing, and that makes me nervous.

The most annoying yet best advice for writers is to write. If you don't write you can't expect to improve your craft. (If not every day, most days.) It's what improved my chops, among other things.  So I have this fear that if I'm not writing constantly, then evil fairies will come take away my writing powers and I will be the passive voice, cardboard character writer I once was. NOOOOOOOOO!

Okay, I know what you're thinking: so write.  "Oh, but it's not that easy," she says in the most whiny voice on the planet.  You see the last book I wrote was about angels and demons. NOBODY WANTS ANOTHER ANGEL DEMON STORY! (In my defense, I didn't mean to write that type of story it just came out.)  So what did I do next, I wrote a contemporary book....about lesbians. *conks head*  Oh, I love throwing my writing career curve balls, I tell yeah.

I've got a couple of story ideas I'm tossing around, I'm not sure which one I should pick.  But I haven't written/edited/revised anything in two weeks.  Though I know that's not a lifetime, and I know we all need breaks to from time to time, I would like to get started on a new project soon.  Which makes me nervous too, because I'm the type when I start a project, I take off running and don't slow down until it's finished.  I have to, the story comes at me hard and fast and I have to frantically type to get it all down.  So I'm giving myself a week or so to figure out my next project and then I'm going to dive in.

So what do you do when you're waiting? If you're not writing in the mean time, why not?