Not Feeling My Usual Badassery This Morning

See... this is me today.
In my writing world, life is good.  In reality, I'm tired this morning.  Besides my body deciding to practical joke myself and keep me awake from 1:30 to 4:00, I have other greivences depriving me of my usual badassery.
  1. The ac/dc port of my pink labtop decided to quit accepting a charge so it's been at the hospital all week. Let me just stop you right there...I can have complete badassness and a pink laptop at the same time. (Miss you, Pinky.)
  2. We have a new iMac but my forty previous years of PC brainwash are not easy to erase.  I'm having to relearn all over. (In my defense, I was a Apple trapped in a PC body and society didn't let me be me until now. Love you, Apple. Muah!)
  3. I haven't downloaded ANY good music is weeks, I'm sleep deprived, my body aches from a barre class, and I have no idea what to blog about.  
So essentially, refer to my post a few months back about "not being fit for company."

So that's all you get from me.

No seriously, that's all I've got.