SCBWI and Dancing with Lithuanian Men

August 06, 2012

There are all kinds of shenanigans at an SCBWI conference and dancing with Lithuanian men is just one of them.  (I love to dance! The Swing, The Push, Two Step, you name it I love it.  You could be toothless and fugly, but if you can're mine on the floor.)  The last night I had fun dancing with a Lithuanian illustrator/photographer.  Not to mention a few other awesome writers and authors.  The after parties are always the best! (BTW...Lithuanian Boy took  ten million pictures of me dancing so if they every happen to surface on the internet, please let me know...they are probably hilarious--like a Pocahontas Hippee blur.)

I'm currently in a Conference Comma and do not have the mental capacity to type intelligently today so forgive me of my ramblings and grammatical errors.

The single greatest thing I got out of this conference, all the new friends I acquired.  And I'm not talking, hey I met you at conference and let's keep in touch.  I bonded with fellow writers on personal "Dang, you are the bomb, baby!" kind of friendships.

I also had more balls this trip (guess that's what 3rd year will do to you.)  I talked to more editors,agents, authors as if they were humans and not these terrifyingly scary beasts.

And as for a good time, it was one of the best ever.  Here are a few awesome photos:

Me with the single most awesomest roommate EVAH! Jessica Love.

Shelli Cornelison and Robin Ruel...coolest chickees on the planet!

My writer support group girlies; Liz Briggs, me and Rachel Searles.

My dearest writer friend and confidant, Ara Burkland.

The fabulous Lee Wind of the blog "I'm here. I'm queer.What the hell do I read?"

And we can't forget the delicious Mr. Barry Wolverton, author of NEVERSINK.

And there are tons more pictures of friends that I could post but this blog would be six hundred miles long.  These people I've meet are becoming more than just writer friends, they are becoming dear friends.  I love the connections SCBWI has provided for me.  My career (or someday career) will happen because of this organization.  Without them, I would not be as far along as I am, mingling with this beautifully enriched, intelligent and inspiring people.  I can't wait until the day we all share the same shelf space at Barnes & Noble. 

XXOO's to you all!

For more details on the conference, like Fans of SCBWI on facebook.

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  1. I love all these photos! I had such a good time but now I'm having post-conference blues. Or maybe that is just exhaustion.

  2. I'm having blues and exhaustion. I loved being your roommate...we had so much fun!

  3. You are a force of nature, my dear :) xoxo

  4. Fun pics! I love the hippie theme. I'm totally going next year and I can't wait!

  5. Well, I hope I fit into the category of new writer friends who are da bomb. :) I had a blast with you, and it's always a great feeling to connect with someone who gets what you're going through and you just instantly know this person is in your life solid. You're awesome, Dana, and I can't wait to see you next and cheer your book(s) along!! I just wish you didn't live so hella far away. Thanks for including me in your photos - I'm honored!! (And it's R-E-U-L. You get one free.) :) xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  6. So-much-fun! I vow to NEVER miss the SCBWI-LA whirlwind again. Glad y'all had a blast.

  7. Great pics!! Someday I'm going to that, and we are going to have so much fun! ;)I want to see those dancing pics, bad!!

  8. Liz - It's Conference Coma.

    Jess - You could stick us in a pencil factory and we'd have fun.

    Rach - Aw, that's like the greatest compliment ever! Thank you!

    Ghenet - NEXT YEAR, BABY! I can't wait to meet you.

    Robin - Absoulutely...matter of fact, you and Shellie are the first to come to mind when I think of the awesomeness I had at the conference.

    Leslie - you missed out, turkey. Next year fo sho.

    Nicole - I hope you do come out this way. You would have a BLAST!


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