Publishing Lags, Agent Selecting & Indie Drownings

This week there are quite a few really good articles that I wanted to share with you.

From the basics that every book takes it's own path and no two book paths are a like to the simple fact that books take time to read.  Period. 

I love the analogy this article starts off with on how we select which book to buy and compares the same process to picking an agent.  And some of our favorite books were recommended by a friend. The "You've gotta know someone to get into the industry." Which is true, we as writers have to figure how how to get into the agent club, they way to do that is mingle with the publishing likes (and write a good book.)

Publishing Is Broken, We're Drowning In Indie Books - And That's A Good Thing
Though I don't know if I agree with the articles title or his final thoughts, there are some interesting points being made here. It talks about the effects of "indie" books (aka self published books) on a traditional market. And how we are drowning in a world of poorly written books because it's a "short cut" to publication.  How do we find the strong indie books without having to wade through the junk?  He shows both points of views from the Indie fans and traditional publishing fans.The article is several pages long but well work the read.(Besure to click on the article links he talks about, esp the Indie ones, very interesting posts.)