I Miss the Stars

There's something magical about lying under the stars.  Lost in the vastness, it's easy to gain perspective of how insignificant life is. All your problems seem to vanish with that single realization. The night sky can be a powerful healer. As a teenager, nights out in the country under the twinkling of a thousand possibilities I came alive. To be kissed under such a sky could be spellbinding.

Being back home always stirs this longing for my youth and a yearning for things that I've forgotten to appreciate.  Like the old atlas and cash of maps my daddy still keeps.  I can't tell you how many hours I spent over those maps, tracing my fingers along the roads, trying to plot out the most rural path so I could catch life...living. Oh, well. Such is life to grow up and forget childish things, I guess.

Sometimes to recapture that nostalgia, I close one eye and hold the moon between my finger and thumb. For a moment, I'm transported back to that star gazing teen of yesterday.