All Growed Up...Blog Maturity

OMG! You can't have
Arnold and Helga naked
in the bed together!
I'm conflicted.  I talked with my CPBFF and dear friend, Ara Burklund, about blog posts of the past.  She admitted to deleting some of her older blog posts because of their lack of...gusto.  Recently I "searched" a specific term on my blog and came across a post that made me cringe.  I deleted it immediately.  I find myself, asking myself (Austin Powers moment there...sorry.) should I delete my blogging past?

My first reaction is NO!  You'd be killing the baby!  There's a part of me that wants everyone to see the grammatical ignorance, nonsensical logic, full of myself advice, and don't know my ass from a hole in the ground beginner posts.  I'm human.  I had to DO at some point to learn.  Every post. Every book. Every mistake has made me a better writer, blogger, person.  Sure, there are things I blogged about three years ago that make me want to cringe. Things that make me look like an amateur. But you know what, I was.  So a part of me wants to leave those posts as they were, raw, in their natural state.  So others can see that I had to grow--via a long hard road--to become the writer I am today. Not only that, but for each post I've written, it's like a badge...a trophy...a rite of passage to the Squirrel I've become.

Annnnnd, the other half of me wants to delete EVERYTHING that makes me look unprofessional, unknowledgeable and just plan stupid.  There are quite a few.

What would/did you do?  There are some blog posts I HATE, so yes, I delete them as need be.  But do I need to review each post and execute or exalt? Or should I rule accordingly as the blog posts come to my attention?

*As far as the cartoon picture I posted, it's a pic that came up when I googled "all growed up images".  If you've ever seen the Nickelodeon cartoon "Hey, Arnold" of  1996-2004, you are probably just as shocked at this image as I am.  Obviously some "Hey, Arnold" fan drew am "all growed up" image of Arnold and Helga....naked...after they slept together.  Who thinks of this shit?  What I really want to know, is what type of person says "Hey, let's take Dora...make her a hot hoochiemama and pair her up with Diego's sexy six-pack ass and show them naked in the bed together."  Okay, I'm off my rant but you agree there is a weirdness with this.  Right?