Writer's Retreat!

So, epic fail on posting on my first May blogfest post.  I was super swamped with personal things yesterday that I didn't even get a chance to write.  But that's okay, because I'm going on a writer's retreat with some AMAZING women.

Oh yeah, baby!  You read that right!  For the last few years I've seen fellow authors go on retreats, bond, grow together in the publishing field and I've always been green with envy.  I wanted that for me.  To find a group of writers that I clique with.  Instead of pining away for what I didn't have, I

In no particular order of fabulousness:
Liz Briggs
Rachel Searles
Jessica Love
Kathryn Kupanoff
Amaris (Not sure of last name and Amaris is the only one without a Twitter or Blog.  How does she survive? ;)

We leave Thursday and come back Sunday.  THAT'S THREE DAYS OF WRITING!  Uninterrupted.  No kids or husband to tend to.  No dog to walk.  Just me, some fab ladies and my MS!  (Which this last week I was only able to write about 2K. Ugh.) We are staying at a beautiful cabin in the woods.  I'm sure there will be tons of pictures and maybe even a video, who knows.... I cannot wait.  This has been in the planning for a month and a half.  Now the time has finally come and I'm racing around trying to get my family situated, laundry done and scheduling written down so my boys can function without me.  (They would be screwed if something ever happened to me.)

I'll be writing most of the weekend but I do plan Tweeting a few updates here and there.

For now I have to sign off because I have a tremendous laundry list of shiz to do before I leave tomorrow.

If I get everything done today, I will have my posts for the rest of the week on schedule.