Music in My DNA

Tuesday: Tell me something about yourself?
I've joined this Blog Me Maybe blogfest and I'm not doing so great.  I will try to do better people...I promise.  I've been sick the last few days with a's kicking my butt and going workout with my trainer this morning didn't help.  So I have the brain power of a flea.

So that means I am TOTALLY 100% stealing this blog post idea from my writer buddy, Jessica Love.

1. What are your three favorite songs right now?
"Right now" to me means not my all time fav but what I currently repeating.
"Suga Suga" by Baby Bash (There's a little brother who lives inside of me who always needs his R&B fix.)
And I will not embarrass myself by saying I like Justin Bieber's new song "Boyfriend."  I may or may not have downloaded that recently.  I'm a die hard Indie music lover, downloading Bieber would be sacrilegious.

2. What is the most played song on your iTunes?
I was curious to know what this was too.  I was actually surprised.  I think it's because I played it one time on repeat to write a scene in a book.  The song is "Lost" by Noir Désir. They are a French rock band I discovered on You Tube once.  The song is haunting and forceful.  I love it.  Maybe I'll share it on a Sunday Download soon.  Other noteworthy tunes in the top five most played:
"9 Crimes" by Damien Rice
"Draw Your Swords" by Angus and Julia Stone
"In the Sun" by Joseph Arthur
"Blood Bank" by Bon Iver

3. What song are you listening to right now?
Nothing.  But if I had to turn on my ipod, I'd probably click on "In My Veins" by Andrew Belle.  (LOVE all of his stuff.)

4. What was the last album you bought?
The last album I bought was for crap, so I won't mention it. With iTunes I very seldom download an entire album.  "Absence" by Paper Route  It's good, nothing i'll rave about.

5. What was the last concert you went to?
Ugh, Poison & Motely Crue.  My husband loves them.  I loved in the 80s but they are just sleaze bags now.
Previous to that, Buck Cherry.  Love them but their are not in my playlist rotation but I enjoy alternative rock.  Again, another band my hubby loves.  I WILL drag him to a concert of music I love too.  Soon, I hope.

6. What was the first album you ever bought?
Shaun Cassidy, BABY! Oh yeah, I'm dating myself.  We're talking  "Da Doo Ron Ron," "Hey There Lonely Girl," and "Take Good Care of my Baby."  Classic vinyl!  Still have it in my attic.
Here's the album cover to job your memory:
I know, don't everybody swoon at once. Maybe if Justin Bieber wore a white painter's hat he would be as cool. (For the record, it was my first concert I ever went to, too.)

7. What was the last single you downloaded?
I just downloaded "Quiet" by Non far I'm liking it.

8. Favorite artist or band?
Of all time:

What I can't get enough of right now?
Walk The Moon

What I love when I want to be mellow?
Andrew Belle

9. What’s your favorite musical genre?
INDIE music!  UK or Australian artists tend to be my favs.  In the genre itself I love; folk, singer/songwriter, electric, acoustic, or alternative.

10. Quote one of your favorite lyrics:
Oh, dude.  Really, just one?!?!  Gah.  Half the love I have for music is wrapped around the lyrics. So many one liners from songs in my head converge at once.  I feel like I'm doing them a disservice if I don't mention this song or that one or oh, yeah, this one's good too.  I'll spare you the drivel.

If I can only select one, I'm going to pick The Joy Formidable's "A Heavy Abacus"  She writes the most amazing poetic lyrics. (Close second...Florence + the Machine's "My Boy Build's Coffins")

Lyrics "A Heavy Abacus"
Here we are bending feet
In the dark before dreamless sleep
Cloaks that spot, that shiver, that breeze
Throws you in the dark

Happiness, it won't last long
And this child behind stores it all
The failed man's curse
And the cost of nonchalance

I thank you sly, watchful gene
A plastic life up my sleeve
If you've followed this far
You've realized nothing

Now your world is here
Watch it disappear

Abacus haunting me
Abacus watching me
Abacus haunting me
Abacus watching me

And it all plays out
And it always comes around
The message fades but the mess prevails
You reckless thing leaving you in our hands

Abacus haunting me
Abacus watching me
Abacus haunting me
Abacus watching me

All we have is this chance called memory
(Haunting me)
All we have is this chance called memory
(Watching me)
All we have is this chance called memory
(Haunting me)
All we have is this chance called memory