Me and My Girlies - Writer Retreat

May 08, 2012

This weekend was indiscriminately the most amazing writer's retreat ever. They are positive, endearing and most importantly supportive. I laughed so hard with these women.  I couldn't imagine a better group of writers to be with.  Here are some photos of the weekend.
Rachel Searles

 Liz Briggs

Kat Kupanoff

Amaris Glass (Who took a nap. haha.)

 Jessica Love

Some serious plotting here!

 The YA and MG books we brought to swap.

Gift Bag from Jessica Love ♥
(Who doesn't need a wand?)

Coffee mugs from me filled with wine charms and post-its.
 Wine charms to represent each genre we write for.

The road was smiling to have me run on it.

View of the lake.

 One hell of a squirrel! (The squirrel alone was 3ft tall.)

Is it wine o'clock, ladies?
Thanks for an awesome weekend!
(P.S. There may or may not be a video to surface later.  Stay tuned!)

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  1. Oh wow!! I'm jealous. That sounds awesome! (Hmmmm, olbff. We may need to work something out someday.) :)

  2. Liz - I'm usually the one who forgets to take photos so I'm glad I actually remembered!

    Nicole - AGREED! You are welcome to join our group ANY time. I can't wait to meet you someday!

  3. You are sneaky! I don't remember you taking pictures! (Could have been b/c it was wine o'clock...?) Had a FAB time and can't wait for the next great adventure!

  4. How much money do I have to slip you to get an invite for next year?

  5. What a gorgeous house!!! Were you at Lake Arrowhead or Big Bear? Will call you after May 22nd. Back to the revision cave...

  6. LOVE these pictures! I had such a great time with everyone...and just so you know, I was merely RESTING MY EYES. They were tired. From all the writing.

  7. OH FUN. Looks and sounds like such dream! And wine o'clock is my FAVORITE time of the day!

    I was escorted here by Amaris, and now I'm officially jealous of all your awesome amazingness!! Glad you had a great time!

  8. Kat - Sneaky and for the record, it was before wine o'clock...hence the ability to be sneaky ;)

    Leslie! How are you recovering? Send your check to: No Cash Needed, Your Awesomeness Exempts You! We'd love to have you but we'd need to get a bigger place. I'm thinking this needs to be a bi-annual thing.

    ARA! I've missed you, love. I've been swimming in my MS and have been meaning to call you. Guess I'll have to wait until revisions are complete May 22nd...darn it! But YAY for you! Can't wait to hear the latest from you. MISS YOU!

    Jessica-you will forever be my late night cohort. Love you tons!

    Amaris! HOLY COW, you are on the internet! I just love getting to know you. It was such a pleasure to get to know you. And resting your eyes, oh yes, I make a habit of inspecting the back of my eyelids every night. ;)

    Marisa - Any friend of Amaris', is a friend of mine. Especially one who favors the hour between four and six....also know as WINE O'CLOCK! It's the one hour of the day that should be savored. ;)

  9. Oh, Ara...forgot to answer your question. Lake Arrowhead. The house was owned by a interior designer... gorgeous!

  10. Dana, wine o'clock is just not the same without you. (And your aerator. ;) )

  11. Aw, Kathryn. I feel the same way.


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