A Week In Music - #6 We Were Promised Jetpacks

April 06, 2012

The name of the band, We Were Promised Jetpacks,  is awesome in itself.  Their sound, even better.  It's  post-punk mixed with indie pop. Again, I'm giving love to another UK band. (It's either UK love or Aussie love. What can I say?  They know music.)

Here's a great interview with Q the Music about their name, which has no particular meaning.

This song is from their 2009 album but still an awesome song.  The video below is from a live performance and the first two minutes are them messing around on their instruments then the song really starts.  (That long intro is not on the downloaded version.) Hope you enjoy.

Lyrics "Its Thunder and Its Lightning" by We Were Promised Jetpacks

Right foot followed by your left foot
We'll guide you home before your curfew
And into your bed
Standing on our tip-toes
Peering through open windows
I swear I heard my name

Sit tight with the lights off
Waiting for my brain to start
Trying to work things out
It's thunder and it's lightning
And it's all things too frightening
I could barely see outside

Your body was black and blue
It struck twice there's nothing new

Your body was black and blue

And it's thunder
And it's lightning
Coming home

And it's thunder
And it's lightning
Coming back

Your body was black and blue
Your body was black and blue
And your body...

I have to say goodnight
I'm leaving before your punching out my lights

I'm leaving.

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