In case of a fire, what would you grab?

Sunday night, my family had an all too close experience with answering that question.  At ten o'clock at night, our kiddos were in bed, hubby and I were halfway through a movie when we heard what sounded like gunshots, followed by screams.  Hubby ran out the back to investigate and saw flames on our neighbors house.  We both ran out front and sure enough, an inferno engulfed the front of their house and cars.

This is when that my protective mother instincts kick me into overdrive and I ran back into our house, barking orders.  I grabbed the children out of bed while my husband grabs his cell and got dressed (he was only in boxers.)  I ordered the llyo to grab the dog while I carried a sleepy, dazed and confused 6yo.  The whole time I'm praying their cars don't explode the second we race out the front door.

In the distance, the sweet sound of sirens whirl closer and half the neighborhood stands in fear and shock, all in our pajamas and robs.  Our immediate neighbors and their three little boys huddle safely on the sidewalk and watch as the flames eat their home. Cops and firefighters arrive within a minute or two and have the fire under control soon after. Sawing and hacking away at the exterior walls to get at the flames hiding within them.

The fire damage is extensive but contained in a garage and upper room.  Rumors are passed from the firefighters that they believe the fire started near the hot-water heater.  People are consoling each other, offer clothing, food and shelter to our now homeless neighbors. We finally get the okay to return to our home.  After we put or kiddos back to bed, it's almost midnight.  And me and my husband analyze if we did everything properly and what if it was our house, what we we need to grab.  I look at my husband, think of my sleeping babies and I say, "We did right.  I'd grab the children.  That's it.  All that other stuff is just stuff."

Antique heirlooms or great grandma's quilt are sacred things. But when it comes down too it, all that matters to me is my three boys (hubby and two kiddos)  Well, and little fuzzy cute Sookie (our dog.)  No matter where I am or what I do, if I have my boys, I'm good.  Nothing else matters.

How about you, what would you grab?