Blogfest May 2012

I don't know about you, but I need a blog boost this year.  Distracted with queries and new MS it has been work to come up with something to post about.  The fabulous Sara McClung has a created a great solution for that:

"Blog Me MAYbe." is a blogfest during the month of May.  Sara's idea is MAYbe you blog, maybe you don't but IF you need a little assist, she's posted a Monday thru Friday topics list of what to post about.  THere's also a sign up on her blog. You don't have to sign up, but there's something about doing so that makes you commit just a little bit more.

Check back tomorrow for the first day of Blog Me MAYbe blogfest, where I tell you about the amazing weekend I have coming up that will make you green with envy. :D

Later, lovies.