Writer Therapy

Writer therapy looks a little like this:

And it helps to have a writer buddy to talk to you on this almost two hour hike.  And lucky for, I have the best guide Ara Burkland. Not only did we get to talk about books, writing, agents and everything else under the publishing sun, we did it with a view.
And there were tons of lizards, baby bunnies, squirrels and a few dolphins.
See that tiny black thing?  It's the tail of the fin.  You have to be super quick to catch them.  Here, there was a pod of about four.  Beautiful creatures. So elegant as the navigate the waves.
It was a gorgeous day with the best weather you could ask for at Torrey Pines. We are so lucky to be close to such beauty.  Thanks, Ara, for suggesting the hike.

What's your writer therapy?