Trend Bashing

For all the shit I'm hearing.
Is it just me, or have you noticed a trend in bashing the latest trend?  It all goes back to the Douche Bag my buddy Jessica dealt with last week and his complaint about The Hunger Games books.  I first noticed the "trend bashing" with Twilight, about the time the movie came out.  Now, I'm not saying you can't dislike something.  I don't like "Sex and the City" but you don't see me throwing hate parties on my blog about it.  If you want to complain that Bella was weak, Edward was too perfect, and for the love of GOD, Taylor, put your shirt on!  That's fine.  But it's the BASHING I can't stand.  The nonstop bitching and complaining and on and on and on that Stephenie Meyer sucks as a writer (though her bank account might disagree with you), and her stories are for shit and blah blah blah.

Just gets old.

I remember when The Hunger Games came out, everyone was raving about it.  How amazing Suzanne Collins writing is and well, yes, I agree.  But now, on the eve of the movie, I've been hearing a bit of bashing.  Like with Jessica's Douche Bag buddy (though he wasn't so much bashing as he was exaggerating his point.)  I also read some bashing on a blog the other day.  Saw some tweeters complaining about the movie hype, saying that there was way more hype than the quality of the book warrants because X book was way better.  (I had to look up X, at it was some literary piece.  And no, X is not the title, just a generic name.)

That does not make it a bad book.  It's a "commercial" book and there's nothing wrong with that. And just because a book gets made into a movie doesn't mean it's bad writing either.

Sure, what I'm hearing is not as bad as the beating Twilight gets...yet.  But I wonder if it will eventually snowball into that.  I hope not.  I can only guess the reason behind bashing something so popular.  Jealousy?  A need to prove you are way cooler than the trends?  Whatever.  If you don't like something, complain in an intelligent tactful way.  Otherwise, you just look like an ass.

Have you heard about any Hunger Games bashing? (For the book.)