Pieces of Me - Love Note To Honey #1

March 07, 2012

This is my message board I keep in my bathroom.  My Honey and I have been writing love notes on it for years. (Well, not this particular one because kids have broken the previous 4. Now if they touch it, I have threatened to burn them at the stake.) This is my amazing stick figure art creation where I am suggesting that we need a beach vacation for two.  

And no, my husband does not have a Fu Manchu, it's a goatee.  

And no, I do not have a uni-boob.

Just wanted to share a piece of me.  Carry on with your writing.

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  1. You're as much of an artist as I am! lol But, hey, I understood it so that is all that is important.

    I have a friend who is a director and he draws all of his storyboards with stick figures before passing his renditions of each scene to the REAL storyboard pro. It works!

    By the way, proportionally your birds appear to be pterodactyls! lol

  2. What a sweet idea. Now I want a husband just so I can get a message board.

  3. Aw! That is so cute!!! Such a sweet idea.

  4. Jeremy - Hahahaha! My birds are NOT pterodactyls...lol And for the record, I suck at drawing...not that you couldn't deduce that from my stick figures. lol

    Leslie - Girl, trust me, get a message board and forgo the whole husband thingy. Get you a BoyToy on the side, so you can send him home when you tire of him. ;)

    Ara - Its a gift I give all my friends for their love lives. It helps keep things sparking.


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