i want 2b 6teen

I love perusing Tumblr.  Its another media platform, but instead of Blogger where you post your thoughts or Facebook where you share your life or Twitter where you connect to like minded individuals, Tumblr connects you to the world through imagery and inspiration.

Most Tumblr posts comprise of pictures that invoke artful imagery, or words or quotes that inspire.  I wanted a Tumblr page but couldn't justify adding one more thing to my to do list unless it benefited me as an author.  So I created "I Want 2b 6teen."  I didn't want to create a specific themed Tumblr page that geared to the book I was writing at the time. I wanted a page that I could reach out to my future teen audience, all the time.  To let them know that I haven't forgotten what it's like to be sixteen (the good, the bad and the ugly.)  Each image, quote or bit of art I share all have the same premise.  I want to be sixteen because_______. And let the post fill in the blank.  Though a lot of my images are positive reasons to want to be sixteen, there are some heartbreaking (or naughty) reasons, too.  Even though there were negative times in my teen years, I wouldn't change them because they shaped who I am today.  And I think I'm pretty awesome, if I say so myself.

In efforts to keep the stress/guilt of not posting everyday, I decided to post only on Fridays (though I will find the occasional piece of awesome to post other days.)  I chose Fridays because when I was a teenager, Fridays were the single greatest day of the week.  For me, it always meant another weekend to start over and right all the wrongs.  Of course, I created new wrongs but hey, I tried.

Do you Tumblr?