My Pipe Dream

February 27, 2012

It's a silly notion, but I'd like to own a YA Used Book Store and Indie Music Selling Coffee Shop. (Say that real fast three times.) Yeah I know....good luck with that, right?  Why a YA book store, because there isn't any real good places around here to buy YA books used.  And our library is awesome but doesn't even have a YA section. Finding YA books in our library is like finding a needle in a haystack. Writing or becoming an author is what I WANT to do but I can have a pipe dream on the side, can't I?

I've thought it out a bit.  I have it all figured out.  I'd travel around to all the Indie bookstores, get a feel for how they operated. And I'd visit every urban/bohemian/chic coffee shop I could.  Once I was well versed in all things bohemian chic, I'd find the perfect space.  It would be a small urban looking space with walls and walls of JUST YA books. Eclectic books shelves with the random odd item here and there.

I'd sell mostly used books but I'd have a few new as well, ALL YA.  I'd serve coffee and have funky seating.  Maybe rent a space near the local high school so hopefully teens would hang after school.  My indie music would blare over the store. I'd have a wall featuring local teens artwork.  I'd host YA book signings and swag parties ALL the time.  Have writing classes geared toward YA writers in the evenings.  YA critique groups would gather at my store for their meetings.  Wouldn't that be awesome!

But it's just a pipe dream.  Because let's be honest, it would take like 99% of my time and when would I write?

But other people have day jobs.
And yes it would take time to build my YA Used Book Store and Indie Music Selling Coffee Shop (will definitely have to find a more suitable name) to a profitable, well oiled machine but it's possible.  And just think of what it could become...

Who knows.  If I get a wild hair, I might go for it.  
What's your pipe dream?

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  1. I think that's a pretty awesome pipe dream! Love that first pic.
    Catherine Denton

  2. That's a shame your library has so few YA books! The library I go to has a nice YA section. Your pipe dream is wonderful. It would be a fun, safe place for teens especially to hang out, as well as all readers of YA!

    My pipe dream is to invent a food replicator so I never have to cook again (unless I wanted to). :)

  3. That is an AWESOME idea. clearly you need a backer Post Haste and I think it isn't true that you wouldn't have time to write -- you hire someone to man the register, and then you have your own little office built in, and you're there to answer questions and oversee things, but mostly you just do your writing there! I think it could totally work!!

    My pipe dream is a comic book shop, probably with some books too. A female-friendly comic book shop!

  4. Hmm, I'd say Tuscan farmhouse with an olive orchard and a few goats, a mega-kitchen and a cozy library/office. Dare to dream! ;)

  5. Catherine - The first pic is like my ideal for the space.

    Laura - I think you need to make your pipe dream a reality and then ship me one. I can cook. Do it well. But loathe it.

    Amalia - I love you. You took my pipe dream and enthusiastically made it a possibility. And a comic book owned by a chick is hot. IT reeks of "I'm so cool, I eat the Comic Book Men for breakfast."

    Rachel - You forgot the chickens. We have to have fresh eggs. And I of course would expect goat cheese with my breakfast.

    Leslie - Hired! Via your sheer awesomeness! Wouldn't that be cool, if all the Scribblers Fork crew worked there. It would rock!

  6. Actually, that pipe dream sounds rather amazing. I've always wanted to run a business of some kind and I can't think of a more enjoyable business.

    My only personal change would be that it not be YA only, but a "fiction" only store. If you can find the investor, I'll put together the business proposal and we can be partners in crime. Whattaya say :)

  7. Void yes! Because I have no idea how much it will cost or how much I need to sell to keep the doors open. And as far as investors,um...that would be my hubby. Now get busy on that business plan so I can convince him it's NOT a pipe dream. ;)


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