Before I lose my sight, I better post.

January 04, 2012

I haven't posted since just before Christmas.  Sorry, been busy. Holidays.  Kids at home.  PREPARING MY MS BEFORE I GO TO NY SCBWI CONFERENCE THIS MONTH! *breathes*

For the the next three weeks, I have two agendas.  Get a fab wardrobe for NY and get my MS spit-shine clean.  So, posting has been put to the side.

And will be put to the side a little longer.

Tomorrow, I'm having eye surgery.  I have a cornea issues.  Without laying out my entire medical history, I will keep it at that.  Outpatient, low risk but scary.  Long story short, I won't be able to see for a few days.  My focus will be in and out, I may or may not be able to see to get on the computer.  So, I won't be posting for a few more days.

Thanks to everybody for understanding. I promise to be back soon and with beefier posts than I have been lately. (And no more torture about editing.)  And I promise when I start querying, I won't neglect y'all.  Too much.  (Which the fear of querying is scaring me into doing things like scrub the grout around the toilets, pick the crud off my bbq with a toothpick, and other non-important menial jobs.  All to avoid getting this MS done. Eick!)

See you guys next week!  Haha.  Literally.

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  1. Hey Dana! Good luck with your surgery. That is kinda nerve-racking! We'll be looking forward to your return.

  2. I hope the surgery goes well. And have fun at SCBWI NY! I went the last two years but skipped this year because I'm going to the Writer's Digest the following week and want to go to other SCBWI conferences later in the year. I hope you tell us how it goes!

  3. Hope the surgery goes well and you recover quickly. Have fun at SCBWI NY!

  4. Anne - Thank you. I'm nervous but sure it will be fine.

    Ghenet - I cannot wait for NY, it will be fun. The writer's digest sounds cool too. Maybe you'll make it to LA next year!

    Elizabeth - I've gotta get things in gear if I'm going to NY in a couple of weeks. Gah!

  5. Wishing you a quick and easy recovery! Also the best of luck with your manuscript. Would it help you finish if I promise to send chocolates when it's done? *packages chocolates and sets them aside*

  6. Dana, you crack me up. I do the same things for avoidance. You should see my downstairs closet - a masterpiece in organization (for the moment). Good luck on your surgery - and a quick recovery. Can't wait to hear your adventures from the NY conference. Safe travels. xo

  7. Hope your surgery went well! And all the best for you in your New York Adventure, I want to hear all about it.

  8. THanks for all your well wishes guys. I'm going great!


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