Before I lose my sight, I better post.

I haven't posted since just before Christmas.  Sorry, been busy. Holidays.  Kids at home.  PREPARING MY MS BEFORE I GO TO NY SCBWI CONFERENCE THIS MONTH! *breathes*

For the the next three weeks, I have two agendas.  Get a fab wardrobe for NY and get my MS spit-shine clean.  So, posting has been put to the side.

And will be put to the side a little longer.

Tomorrow, I'm having eye surgery.  I have a cornea issues.  Without laying out my entire medical history, I will keep it at that.  Outpatient, low risk but scary.  Long story short, I won't be able to see for a few days.  My focus will be in and out, I may or may not be able to see to get on the computer.  So, I won't be posting for a few more days.

Thanks to everybody for understanding. I promise to be back soon and with beefier posts than I have been lately. (And no more torture about editing.)  And I promise when I start querying, I won't neglect y'all.  Too much.  (Which the fear of querying is scaring me into doing things like scrub the grout around the toilets, pick the crud off my bbq with a toothpick, and other non-important menial jobs.  All to avoid getting this MS done. Eick!)

See you guys next week!  Haha.  Literally.