When the Universe Speaks...You Listen

I’m sure we could all find signs in the universe to point to the things we want.  But sometimes the universe seems to speak a little louder.

Yesterday I got a phone call from my husband.  He called to let me know that he’d been rear-ended.  He was unharmed.  His precious truck showed no visible damage.  Her car though, didn’t fair well against his big GMC bumper.  The young woman was very apologetic and shaken up over the ordeal.  My husband made a joke about how this could be a great way to pick up people if you were single.  (I rolled my eyes.) They exchanged information.  She apologized again.  As they parted she said, almost half jokingly, “Well, if you ever have a need for a literary agent.” O_o

Cue the dropped jaw.

Um, yeah.  I was floored by this, too.

He told her, well, actually my wife is an aspiring writer. 

After he told me what happened, the first words out of my mouth were, “Oh my god, what was her name?  What agency is she with?  You didn’t offend her, did you, honey?” 

He laughed.

Of course, my mind went down the same path as you guys.  Wouldn’t that be an awesome “How I Got My Agent” story.  But the bigger message came in loud and clear.  It was like the universe whispered in my ear You’re ready.  As I wrap up the last of the editing for my book, I hope to be querying next month.  There are a lot of times as a writer I’m filled with self doubt.  Lately, none of that.  I am ready.  I’ve been ready.  I know I’m ready to take this writing thing to the next level.  And the universe knows it too.

As for the agent, will I be querying her?  Wouldn’t that be a great “personal connection” to add in my query letter.  I told myself, unless she is already on my list, I will not query her until after I’ve queried the other agents.  I want someone to give me a chance because they love my work, and not because they feel obligated for rear-ending my hubby.  Silly, I know, but I need my writing to be accepted on merit.  I need the validation.

Unfortunately, there will never be this cute tale of “How I Got My Agent in a Fender Bender.”  I looked her up, and her agency represents literary fiction, not YA.

Disappointed?  No. What the universe told me was more powerful.  It confirmed I am in the place I should be and I’m heading in the right direction.  For me, the situation represented a giant flashing arrow, lighting my path.